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BETWEEN ROTHKO AND THREE WINDOWS: Presentation of the English edition of Corrado Paina’s novel.

The author Corrado Paina will present the English version of his novel “Between Rothko and Three Windows” recently published by Quattro Books, translated by Damiano Pietropaolo. The presentation will be an opportunity for an exciting conversation about the theme of Italian Canadian cultural heritage.

Set in Toronto and Milan, Between Rothko and 3 Windows takes us into the inner vortex of cities evolving away from the imagined ethnic certainties of the past towards an unsettling, increasingly chaotic world in which we struggle to find a firm foothold on the ever-shifting realities of citizenship and identity. Luigi Sasta, editor in chief of the moribund Italian language daily, Stampa Italica, is caught in his own existential vortex in a kind of no man’s land that is the city of Toronto. Nearing retirement age and suffering from periodic angina attacks, widowed for eleven years, estranged from his beloved daughter, unable to forge lasting friendships in the New World, Luigi meanders on the streets of Toronto, at once seduced and repelled by the steel and glass temples of commerce, longing for a return to some Arcadian homeland that seems to exist only in his fevered imagination.

Corrado Paina is an Italian poet living in Toronto, Canada. He has written several books, the most recent of which being Cinematic Taxi, published by Mansfield Press. Corrado Paina is the Editor of the quarterly magazine “Partners” for the Italian Chamber of Commerce di Toronto, where he is also the Executive Director. Mr. Paina has been published in several literature magazines in Italy, Canada, Ireland, and the United States.

Damiano Pietropaolo is an internationally celebrated writer, translator, producer, director, and teacher. He has produced documentary and drama at CBC Radio, has had his work published internationally, and is lecturer at the University of Toronto where he teaches drama and cinema.



  • Organized by: Istituto Italiano di Cultura; Quattro Books