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sede iic Toronto


The Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Cultural Section of the Consulate General of Italy in Toronto, was established in 1976. The current premises have a historical value, they belong to the Italian Government and are located near the campus of the University of Toronto. The Istituto is a centre for cultural and academic activities, a school of Italian language and civilization, a source of information about contemporary Italy, its regions and its multilayered cultural heritage as well as a venue for art exhibitions, lectures, films, and video screenings.

In addition, the Istituto provides the opportunity for cultural collaboration between Italian and Canadian organizations and individuals, in order to facilitate exchange in the field of theatre, music and cinema. It offers information and logistical support to both Italian and foreign public and private operators interested in Italian cultural events in Canada. The Institute supports initiatives which favour intercultural and multilateral dialogue based on the principles of democracy, reciprocal respect and international solidarity and it is often involved in events organized by other cultural offices of the EU countries.



Present in the main cities of the five continents, the 90 Italian Cultural Institutes are an ideal meeting place for intellectuals, artists and cultural operators, as well as both Italian and foreign citizens, who wish to commence or maintain a rapport with our country.

Not only as a taste of Italy and a source of up-to-date information regarding “Sistema Paese”, but also as a propelling centre of initiatives and cultural activities, the Italian Cultural Institute has become an essential point of reference for Italian collectives abroad and for the growing demand for Italian culture which has been registered throughout the world.

Supporting the activities already carried out by the Embassies and Consulates, the Italian Cultural Institutes identify the most appropriate methods of promoting the image of Italy as a centre of production, conservation and cultural diffusion from classical times to the present. In addition to organizing cultural events in different sectors (art, music, cinema, theatre, dance, fashion, design, photography), the Italian Cultural Institutes:

  • offer the opportunity, to those who are interested, to learn about the Italian language and culture through the organization of courses, its library and magazines which are available for perusal
  • create contacts and premises in order to facilitate the integration of Italian operators into cultural exchanges and productions at an international level
  • provide information and logistical support to both Italian and foreign public and private operators
  • support initiatives which favour intercultural dialogue based on the principles of democracy and international solidarity