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ICFF @ Home | Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2020



ICFF @ Home | Italian Contemporary Film Festival 2020

The 9th edition of the Italian Contemporary Film Festival opens its doors this upcoming November 29th thanks to a brand-new online event that will offer a unique film selection to all film lovers across Canada.

Access the newest released Italian feature films, shorts and documentaries, accompanied by live Q&As, filmmakers’ messages and free virtual events all from the comfort of your home!

Films are available on multiple streaming platforms for your viewing pleasure.

Presented by ICFF IC Savings

Institutional Partners:  Embassy of Italy in Canada | The Consulates General of Italy in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver | The Istituto Italiano di Cultura




Fellinopolis is the new documentary by Silvia Giulietti made in honour of Fellini’s centenary. The film follows Fellini behind the scenes, observing the great director through the eyes and lenses of Ferruccio Castronuovo, Fellini’s trusted partner, who filmed him between the 1976 and 1986. Set after set, Ferruccio follows the stories, the characters and the cities brought to life by Fellini, great “Fellinopolis”, as one might call them, populated and enriched under the guidance of the director.

Fellini is uncovered in all his aspects, the more hidden ones and the more genuine ones, as he directs some of his most famous and renowned pictures: Casanova, Città delle Donne, La Nave Và and Ginger e Fred; films that have shaped the craft of filmmaking all over the world.

The original footage by Ferruccio is supplemented by comments and interviews from Fellini’s closest collaborators, who talk about the maestro and his influence over past and contemporary cinema.

DIRECTOR: Silvia Giulietti
GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Naples, 1990s, Alice McNellis, a forthy-years old journalist, returns home from America for her father's funeral. After the ceremony, Alice and her sister take the decision of selling their now empty childhood house, and while clearing all the objects accumulated over a lifetime, they discover their house isn’t as empty as they thought. A rather unusual encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman living in the house that once belonged to Alice’s family and an equally unexpected meeting with Marc Bennet, a fascinating, intriguing and yet obscure character, will open a new world to Alice, that will shed light on her past, her identity and her existence.

DIRECTOR: Cristina Comencini
GENRE: Thriller
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


A 2020 Italian biographical drama, based on the last years of one of the most important and controversial Italian leaders of the 1980s, Bettino Craxi. At the top of his power, the Italian statesman and politician, who was the Secretary of the Italian Socialist Party and served as Prime Minister during the 1980s, was hit with a big scandal, condemning him to a 27-year jail sentence for corruption. Not willing to spend the rest of his life in prison, Bettino decided to escape from Italy with his wife and daughter and find refuge in his villa in Hammamet, Tunisia. His new life as a fallen leader and as a fugitive is now dedicated to meeting family members, old friends and obscure figures from his past.

DIRECTOR: Gianni Amelio
GENRE: Biography | Drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English and French subtitles


In the late 1950s, the citizens of Africo, Aspromonte mobiliz eto build a road for the small, isolated town, after a woman dies during childbirth when a doctor fails to arrive on time. Arriving to the village at this time is Giulia, a schoolteacher from the North who has made it her goal to teach standard Italian to Africo’s children,and to promote cultural cohesion with Africo and the rest of Italy. Everyone’s plans are put in peril, however, by the presence of Don Totó, a member of the mafia who hopes to impede the town’s progress, and keep them under his control.

The latest feature film from Mimmo Calopresti, Aspromonte is a story of strength and solidarity, and showcases how powerful a community can be when its people band together and collectively pursue the common good.

DIRECTOR: Mimmo Calopresti
GENRE: Historical Drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English and French subtitles


Alma, Jean and Sebastiano are three siblings who live with their off-beat mother, newly-converted to the Greek-Orthodox religion. One day, out of the blue, she packs them up and ships them off to their father, Carlo, a failed film director from whom she is divorced. The children are forced to vacation with their dad and his new wife, Benedetta, on their honeymoon in Rome. When an unfortunate accident forces the exes to come together, the children’s hopes of their parents reuniting are ignited.

DIRECTOR: Ginevra Elkann
GENRE: Drama | Comedy-Drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Want to plan a perfect holiday? Remember to bring your dinghy and your dog, of course! On the other hand, accidentally booking the same house with two total strangers is not recommended. In the film Odio l’estate, famous Italian comedians Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo leave for summer holidays as strangers, but soon cross paths despite their very different lives. An extremely organized and fussy man who is dealing with bankruptcy, a successful doctor struggling with a son going through a pre-adolescent crisis, and a hypochondriac with a dog named Brian and a passion for Massimo Raniero, meet coincidentally on a small island on the Italian coast sharing the same beach, the same sea and the same rented house. The clash between the three characters is inevitable and hilarious.

DIRECTOR: Massimo Venier
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Diego (Claudio Bisio) is a successful lawyer suffering from depression, with a special knack for causing disasters. With the intention of helping his loved ones, he ends up destroying their lives entirely. It isn’t until he befriends the eccentric Massimiliano (Sergio Rubini), that he begins to understand exactly how he can fix all of his mistakes... and actually help his family and friends.

DIRECTOR: Fausto Brizzi
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


"When you grow up with the idea that building is an art, each time you build you seem to witness a miracle, something extraordinary that never leaves you": this is the opinion of Renzo Piano, one of the most famous and prolific Italian architects in the world. To narrate his genius is the filmmaker Carlos Saura, who follows Piano in the design and implementation of the Botin Center in Santander, Spain. The story of the various phases of the construction of the Center soon becomes a reflection on the creative process and on what architecture, cinema and all the other arts have in common.

The film will be introduced by Silvio Baldassara, Chairman of NORR and renowned innovative design architect, that will also present the new project he is realizing for the New Toronto Courthouse.

DIRECTOR: Carlos Saura
GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Checco, a young entrepreneur from Puglia, escapes to Africa after his sushi restaurant goes belly-up. In an attempt to reinvent himself, and simultaneously evade the debt collectors in Italy, he begins working as a server at an upscale resort, where he makes new friends and tries to begin again. Just as he starts to settle into his new African life, war breaks out and terrorists attack the area, forcing Checco and his friends to migrate... setting him off on an ironic journey as an illegal immigrant.

DIRECTOR: Checco Zalone
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: Italian with English and Tolo subtitles


Anselmo is very special; despite being an adult, he still likes to look at world with the eyes of a kid, turning the sometimes harsh reality into a pure and innocent dream. Superheroes are his inspiration since he was a little child and, after his dad left him to “save the world”, or at least that’s what Anselmo likes to tell himself, he decides to follow his father’s steps and become a modern hero too. Thanks to the faithful encounter with a Titti, a little girl who he quickly grows affectionate to, and the local blacksmith, who provides him with a copper suit, he starts pursuing his dream of fighting crime and becoming a superhero.

DIRECTOR: Eros Puglielli
GENRE: Comedy | Drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


In Trieste resides Vincent, a sixteen-year-old boy with autism, who lives with his mother Elena and adoptive father Mario, and for whom life has been a series of difficult challenges. One day, out of the blue, the family is visited by Willy, Vincent’s biological father who abandoned the family to pursue his dreams of being a travelling musician.Finding himself unwelcome by his ex-wife, Willy departs. Unbeknownst to him,Vincent has stowed himself away in the back of his father’s pick-up, looking for an escape. After discovering Vincent in his truck, Willy decides to finally get to know his son, and takes him on his musical tour to the Balkans. The two set out together on an emotional journey, with Elena, Mario, and the authorities hot on their trail.

The latest work by Gabriele Salvatores, ALL MY CRAZY LOVE is a story of growth, adventure, and familial fortitude, demonstrating the deep bond between parents and their children.

DIRECTOR: Gabriele Salvatores
GENRE: Drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Giacomo Gatti’s documentary Palladio is the clear and refined history of one of Italy’s greatest architectural minds. The film is raw and uninhibited, much like the style of the Venetian Renaissance architect. The documentary is narrated through episodes and dialogues that take place simultaneously in different contexts, but where the common thread is always him: Palladio. His classic style, often considered socially revolutionary, has been studied for years and imitated the world over.

DIRECTOR: Giacomo Gatti
GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


The film follows the story of the renowned Italian artist and modern painter Antonio Ligabue. Toni, born son of an emigrant Italian mother, gets deported back to Italy, after spending his childhood and adolescence in Switzerland. Weakened by loneliness, cold and hunger endured in his early years, Antonio finds his getaway and his redemption in painting, thanks to the faithful encounter with the sculptor Renato Marino Mazzacurati. Overpowered by his own anxieties and insecurities, and also diminished by a regime that worked hard in concealing and hiding away social rejects like himself, Toni was locked up in an psychiatrist institution. Despite all the hardships, Antonio never gives up and fights to be acknowledged as an artist, creating imaginative works of art and self-portraits, that then became known and recognized around the world.

The film, presented in collaboration with Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, will follow an initial introduction by Alessandro Giardino, Associate Professor & Coordinator of European Studies at Saint Lawrence University.

DIRECTOR: Giorgio Diritti
GENRE: Biographical drama
LANGUAGE: Italian with English and French subtitles


Claude Jutra, Michel Brault et bien d’autres cinéastes québécois racontent leur Federico Fellini(1920-2020)pour célébrer son centième anniversaire de naissance.

GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: French with English subtitles


Diego Gardini (Ruffini) is a highly successful entrepreneur, a major wheeler and dealer who knows just about everyone in show-business. He is also an extremely obnoxious, selfish, egotistical lout who doesn’t care about anyone but himself. One day, he loses his cell phone in a public washroom just before an overseas flight. Two janitors find the phone and, to avenge Gardini’s mistreatment of them, choose to flood Gardini’s social media accounts with scandalous messages and pictures. Given Gardini’s fame as a socialite, the messages go viral, jeopardizing Gardini’s job and future. Modalità Aereo is a high-concept film filled with slapstick moments, embarrassing scenes, misunderstandings and humiliation, in the tradition of classic Italian comedies.

DIRECTOR: Fausto Brizzi
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


Andrea Serrano (Lorenzo Richelmy) is a young aspiring writer who, to make ends meet, is forced to wash corpses in a mortuary, while struggling to finish his first novel, a story about the Camorra. Having become discouraged by his struggling career, he is waiting for the chance of a lifetime. And finally, it arrives: a major film producer, Oscar Martello (Luca Barbareschi), decides to adapt his book titled Non finisce qui(“This is not over”) and make it into a movie. Martello is a man without scruples and finds a good-for-nothing director and a star, the beautiful Jacaranda Ponti (Valentina Bellè), the woman of Andrea’s dreams. Due to the blunders of the director, everything is on the verge of a total failure. Will Andrea and Jacaranda be able to regain their human and professional dignity? Fabio Resinaro gets his inspiration from Pino Corrias’s novel Dormiremo da vecchi (“We Will Sleep When We Are Old”) and makes a film that is a mix of genres, from comedy to noir, from satire to thriller, passing through the action film and the“camorra movie”.

DIRECTOR: Fabio Resinaro
GENRE:  Action | Satire | Comedy
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


“Bacalà -A fish out of water” film began as an adventure on anthropology of food research where a successful young Italian chef was determined to discover the origin of one of the most iconic Italian food recipes -dried codfish, also known as Bacalà. The value of a recipe is not just about the taste. It is not just about the ingredients used to make it. Its focal point is also the importance of what happens along the way; who we meet, what we learn.

Lorenzo is one of the youngest Italian chefs to have received a Michelin star. He comes from a family tradition of chefs and he is known for his intuitive cuisine based on his creative art and the respect for raw materials as well as the relationship with his customers. Each of his dishes is always different. Food isn't just about the taste, but about the situation and place where you enjoy your meal.

Lorenzo, along with the documentary crew, embarked in an unusual adventure to discover the origin of the codfish history. They traveled to Norway reaching the Lofoten Islands archipelago 300 km to the north of the Arctic Circle where a group of fishermen replenishes cod fisheries every year by fishing codfish in the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean. The most precious Atlantic codfish can grow up to 2 meters (6.6ft)in length and it can weigh on average 5 to 12 kilograms.

DIRECTOR: Lorenzo Cogo | Mikael Svensson
GENRE: Documentary
LANGUAGE: Italian with English subtitles


TATA means Daddy in many languages. Andrea, a famous photographer, now a has-been, becoming blind, discovers he has a second daughter.  Divided into three one-hour chapters, this film takes us to Toronto, Montreal, Udine, and Brooklyn. Shooting began in 2015 and ended in 2020.  More than 30 characters step up to disclose their ambivalent feelings about this situation.

DIRECTOR: Antonio D’Alfonso
GENRE: Fiction
LANGUAGE: Italian, English, French with English subtitles



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