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2020 Fields Medal Symposium (Honoree: Alessio Figalli)



2020 Fields Medal Symposium (Honoree: Alessio Figalli)

The Fields Institute holds the annual Fields Medal Symposium to showcase and celebrate the work of a recent Fields Medallist.  The Symposium brings together brilliant researchers to support and further the research directions of the work of Fields Medallists. It also raises public awareness of mathematics, of the Fields Medal, and serves to inspire new and early-career researchers.

The 2020 Fields Medal Symposium will honour Alessio Figalli (Fields Medal 2018) and explore the current and potential impact of his work. 

The Symposium comprises separate events:

Scientific Program (October 19-23): will honour Alessio Figalli (Fields Medal 2018) and explore the current and potential impact of his work and is intended for a wide audience, including graduate students, mathematicians in other research areas, and scientists who use mathematics in an important way.

Public Opening (October 19): features an interview with Alessio Figalli (Fields Medal 2018) and a panel discussion. 

Presented with support from the Embassy of Italy in Ottawa and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto.




Alessio Figalli was awarded a Fields Medal for his work in calculating variations and partial differential equations. His results have profound implications for meteorology and the study of crystalline structure, but are also beautiful in their own right. His excellence in this field has been well-recognized, and this was not his first time on the stage of the ICM. He spoke in 2014 on quantitative stability results, not knowing that he would return to the ICM stage four years later to receive the Fields Medal.

Currently a professor at ETH Zurich, his academic path has taken him all over the world, from completing a full undergraduate degree in two years in Pisa, to studying under Fields Medal laureate Cédric Villani in Lyon, to working in Paris at the Ecole Polytechnique and the French National Centre for Scientific Research, to the University of Texas at Austin.


The Fields Institute is committed to provide a supportive and rich environment for mathematics innovation and education. We promote collaboration between mathematicians and those working in other disciplines such as engineering, the physical and biological sciences, medicine, economics, finance, telecommunications and information systems.

The Institute is internationally renowned for strengthening collaboration, innovation, and learning in mathematics and across a broad range of disciplines. Annual programming includes a full slate of long- and short-term events, such as specialized, six-month-long thematic programs, multi-day workshops and conferences, public lectures, recurring seminars, outreach activities, and start-up incubation. The Fields Institute promotes mathematical activity in Canada, helps to expand the application of mathematics in modern society, and makes mathematics accessible and engaging for all audiences.



Data: Da Lun 19 Ott 2020 a Ven 23 Ott 2020

Organizzato da : Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences

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