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WeeFestival: Round (Girotondo)



WeeFestival: Round (Girotondo)



Round (Girotondo)

performed by

La Baracca-Testoni Ragazzi (Italy)

Tuesday, May 26 | 10:00am EDT



Two curious travelers go around and discover suspended and luminous worlds. Worlds that turn and bring you night and day, small worlds that become big. Worlds made of looks and games. Girotondo is a show with circular motions, constantly changing, with music and magical, playful images. It is a journey for amazed and curious eyes through suspended worlds that can be observed as we all fall down with our nose up in the air.

From the leading creators of theatre for the very young comes a playful and delicate discovery of rolling and bouncing, wandering, and spinning using dance, music, and poetic moments of friendship.

Winner of the Michel Indali Award for Best Performance at the 2017 edition of Kolibri Évadnyitó Fesztivál – Budapest

This is the third time this wonderful company has played at the WeeFestival. Previous production include The Boat and the Moon (2014) and Under a Different Light (2016).

Directed by: Andrea Buzzetti, Bruno Cappagli

By: Andrea Buzzetti, Bruno Cappagli

With: Carlotta Zini and Luciano Cendou

Costumes: Tanja Eick

Presented with the support of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto.



Founded in 1976 in Bologna, La Baracca has been working in the field of theatre for children and early years for the past 40 years. The company’s productions are addressed exclusively to children and young people, and they are centred on actors theatre and on an original theatrical style. Over the years, they have developed a poetics aimed at generating amazement, trying to pursue simplicity intended as essentiality, always paying special attention to the relationship with the audience.

To date, La Baracca has produced over 245 shows for children and young people, with more than 12.900 performances.

Every year, new productions for all age groups are realized, for children attending crèches to secondary school students, as well as for those attending primary schools and kindergarten children.




The WeeFestival of Arts & Culture for Early Years is dedicated to the presentation of inspiring theatre and performing arts created especially for children 0-6 years and their families. We curate a dynamic and culturally diverse program of productions from around the world and across the country from leading companies and artists specializing in this field.

The WeeFestival encourages greater awareness of the importance of arts in early childhood and the increased provision of quality arts and cultural experiences for children in their early years in communities and schools through its annual festival, conference activities, professional development programs, and outreach engagement activities throughout the year.

Since its debut in 2014, the WeeFestival of Arts and Culture for Early Years has presented 35 productions and as many events, workshops, and concerts. Four of these works were original commissions which toured beyond the festival and five productions featured in the Weefestival have been nominated for Dora Mavor Moore Awards. The WeeFestival has experienced continued growth in audiences, presenting partners and community collaborators from across the arts sector excited to support the festival mission. After its leap to annual programming in 2019, the WeeFestival is about to enter a new chapter with its 2020 international edition.



Data: Mar 26 Mag 2020

Orario: Alle 10:00

Organizzato da : WeeFestival

In collaborazione con : Presented with the support of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto

Ingresso : Libero


Online via Zoom