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Maria Pia De Vito in duo with Julian Oliver Mazzariello in concert @Jazz Bistro



Maria Pia De Vito in duo with Julian Oliver Mazzariello in concert @Jazz Bistro

Italian singer Maria Pia De Vito is one of the leading improvising vocalists in Europe. She studied operatic and contemporary singing, piano, percussion and ethnic polyphony before turning to jazz. Testament to her incredible versatility - from scat singing to human beatboxing – De Vito’s performances featured artists such as Joe Zawinul, Michael Brecker, John Taylor, Rita Marcotulli, Paolo Fresu, Norma Winstone, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Dave Liebman and Rama Mani.

For this concert, Maria Pia De Vito will perform in duo with Julian Oliver Mazzariello, an extraordinary pianist, renowned for his sensitivity and irresistible touch.

Central to this musical encounter is the southern Italian city of Naples, whose popular songs have been celebrated by the virtuosic but earthy De Vito on many recordings. Their joyously spontaneous interaction has a drive to walk new music paths, in which the Neapolitan dialect meets original compositions as well as classics by Brazilian authors such as Chico Buarque and Guinga, in an always surprising combination of piano textures and inventions.

The musical encounter between the vocalist Maria Pia De Vito and the English/Italian pianist and composer Julian Oliver Mazzariello is an extraordinary one.

Always attracted by the infinite sound possibilities of vocals, Maria Pia De Vito starts very young her experimentations, moving from research groups on ethnic music to land on contemporary European jazz, meeting on her way electronics, dancers, poets, visual artists. The incredible versatility, creativity and sensibility together with her extraordinary vocal gifts make Maria Pia De Vito one of the most refined and thrilling contemporaneous vocalists. She met the italian based English pianist and composer, Julian Oliver Mazzariello more than a decade ago and since then they shared the stage in many different formats, notably in the trio homage to Joni Mitchell, a “ classic “ that De Vito had the chance to present also at the Blue note NY in 2007, and is still on demand. Mazzariello is an extraordinary pianist, renowned for his sensitivity, originality and irresistible touch. His passionate and versatile approach to piano does not know any boundaries.

Two artists with a strong bond and joyously spontaneous interaction, with a drive to walk new music paths, in which vocal and linguistic creativity (like the Neapolitan dialect joint to original compositions or to works by Brazilian authors, such as Chico Buarque De Hollanda, Guinga) and never-ending dialectic possibilities join to surprising piano textures and inventions.

Looking for an artist whose next move is totally unpredictable, just like the most audacious jazzmen? There she is, Maria Pia De Vito. At the core center of her project, since years, you can find the chance to experiment alliances, adhesions with other subjects (pianists, percussionists, singers, cello players, six chords, installations, works of art, words rivers, harpsichord players, rock, Joni Mitchell, underground music, baroque), each of which finds meaning and necessity in the creation of not only a language, but at least a syntax, a series of expressive instances allowing the implementation itself, without generating any chaos, or worst, dispersion.

A fan of forms the threads of which is held by the Neapolitan artist and not only thanks to her natural predisposition to dialogue and confrontation, but also to an inborn ability of speaking the most various music dialects. In this new cd, that at first sight seems to be a summary of already coped with experiences (the piano-voice duo, the use of Neapolitan language, the overall mèlos), the daring step, the one you are not waiting for and which puts to risk your defense, is that all the material is revised, reprocessed in the light of all learned, spoken and forgotten dialects.

At the top of a unique vocal maturity, Maria Pia risks on the plan of immediate, natural, almost paranormal feeling with Huw Warren (the two of them do not speak, they understand each other, just like the lovers in the aching story told in “Allirallena”); and the genial-English pianist – if you do not know his solo works, get them – makes available his fastness in organizing attacks and counterattacks. Just like a chess player as skilled as the one he is playing with, he measures his strategies on the ones used by his opponent, he wraps them and when necessary he turns them in around, crushing them with the self- confidence of someone who is just passing by.

On the other way round it is not by chance that this cd owns the sound of an ur-dialect of all Maria Pia De Vito’s languages, all those languages which borders with the birds’ flight and the heartbeat.

Maria Pia De Vito: Singer and composer, begins her on-stage activity in 1976 as a singer and multi-instrumentalist in research groups committed to ethnic and classical music, mostly related to the Mediterranean, Balkan and south-American areas. Her research around singing and voice embraces various fields of action: free jazz and electronics, baroque music, the “song form” with no limitation of genre, the personal re-elaboration of the neapolitan music and culture through the practice of improvisation and the encounter with different cultures and music practices. Outstanding also her work as lyricist, poetry and language; Her work of translation of lyrics by Chico Buarque de Hollanda from Portuguese to neapolitan for her project “Core/Coração “, approved and praised by the author, has received the critic’s acclaim, and will be published soon as a book.

Since the 80’s she is active on the jazz scene, steadily collaborating with musicians such as John Taylor, Ralph Towner, , Ivan Lins, Guinga, Huw Warren, Enrico Rava, Enrico Pieranunzi ,Jim Black, Norma Winstone , and performing with prominent musicians such as Joe Zawinul, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Miroslav Vitous, Uri Caine, Monica Salmaso, Maria Joao and many others. She has been a Nominee in the Downbeat critics Pool in 2001 in the category “Beyond Artist”, along with names such as Joni Mitchell and Caetano Veloso. She has won the Top jazz prize, critics poll of the Magazine Musica Jazz, in 2008, 2009, 2011, between 2010 and 2018 the referendum of the readers of the Magazine Jazzit, the prize Musica e Dischi 2012 for best international production with the album “Mind the Gap”. in 2016 she received the Career Award by the association Musica Oggi.

She has been director of the Jazz section of the Ravello Festival 2016/18 and is the new artistic Director of the Bergamo Jazz Festival, following Dave Douglas, Paolo Fresu, Enrico Rava, Uri Caine.

Julian Oliver Mazzariello was born in 1978 in Hatfield, England. He began his piano studies at the age of seven and already showed a keen interest in "improvisation". At thirteen he won major awards such as: "National Telegraph Young Jazz Musician of the Year"; together with contemporary drummer Jose Joyette he won the "291Club" television contest with the duo "Future Shock". He studied classical piano with the "Associated Board of the Royal School of Music". At seventeen he decides to move to Italy, to Cava Dei Tirreni, in the province of Salerno. It is the town of origin of his father - also a musician - but he is also convinced that certain cultural aspects of the territory can be influential for his artistic and human expressiveness. Thus begins a journey of knowledge and growth with the local music scene: the Deidda brothers, Giovanni Amato, Pietro Vitale, Jerry Popolo, Giampiero Virtuoso, Amedeo Ariano. He becomes the pianist of the "Daniele Scannapieco 4tet" with Stefano di Battista and Andrea Ceccarelli and the "High Five Quintet" with Fabrizio Bosso, Daniele Scannapieco, Pietro Ciancaglini and Lorenzo Tucci. He collaborated with the greatest jazz musicians of national and international scene: Enrico Rava, Maria Pia De Vito, Roberto Gatto, Giovanni Tommaso, to name just a few.


Data: Lun 11 Nov 2019

Orario: Alle 20:00

Organizzato da : Istituto Italiano di Cultura

In collaborazione con : 918 Bathurst and Espresso Manifesto

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Jazz Bistro | 251 Victoria Street, Toronto


Maria Pia De Vito