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"The Stranger"2.0, performance theatre production in Toronto



Produced by Daniele Bartolini, DopoLavoro Teatrale, Istituto Italiano di Cultura

18-29 September


The Stranger, returns to Toronto with a new version, this time designed for two audience members at a time and, including an exciting Virtual Reality interaction. This time with a very limited engagement, only 10 special days of performances with a new cast, scenes and locations with two independent journeys: Above & Below

The project transforms you into actor. Lost in an urban landscape, you explore streets, alleyways and other surprising locations in the city. You meet with and follow “strangers” while becoming the centre of a narrative that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Become the protagonist of your own adventure.

ABOVE: a cross city adventure that takes you to a midtown area accessible from a principle TTC station. A new experience with a retro taste that brings you to locations that you may have never explored before.

BELOW: A downtown adventure in underground areas of Toronto with performers emerging from the crowded streets.

The Stranger has a track record of immediately selling out everywhere it has been presented around the globe.


Tickets for the experience are $50 per person.

​Tickets for the vip experience are $90.
Audience for the vip experience, as the ultimate participants of the day, will experience secret content including and a final special interaction.

How does it work The Stranger 2.0? This time around you will have a fellow audience member as companion on your journey. A series of intimate interactions designed for the participation of two people -- double the fun!

You buy your ticket(s) for you or you and your companion (if you choose a single ticket you will be paired with a companion). 24 hours before you will be contacted with the meeting place of the starting point if your clandestine journey. You arrive. You wait. Someone will meet you. Your voyage into the unknown begins.

“…the play conforms to you — not just to you making choices of which way to drive the plot, but that the play is unfolding around and because of you."
Lise Hosein CBC ARTS

tickets to ABOVE

tickets to BELOW

Produced by Daniele Bartolini, DopoLavoro Teatrale, Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Community Sponsor Villa Charities

Created and directed by Daniele Bartolini

With a Virtual Reality scene Produced and Developed by Toasterlab with the support of the Canada Council For The Arts

Assistant Director and Production Manager Raylene Turner

Executive Producer Thomas L. Mallon

Locations Around Toronto.

Cast TBA. This new edition brings a new cast to you. The Stranger 2.0 is developed with the creative input of the artists involved.

The Stranger 2.0 is the inaugural event of Daniele Bartolini’s new platform Close up (Primo Piano), full announcement later this month.


Data: Da Mer 18 Set 2019 a Dom 29 Set 2019

Organizzato da : Daniele Bartolini, DopoLavoro Teatrale and Istituto Italiano di Cultura with Community Sponsor, Villa Charities

In collaborazione con : Toasterlab

Ingresso : A pagamento


Locations Around Toronto.


Created and Directed by Daniele Bartolini with a Virtual Reality scene produced and developed by Toasterlab