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ICFF Architettura & Design JUNE 18-JUNE 19



ICFF Architettura & Design JUNE 18-JUNE 19

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - Wednesday, June 19, 2019

For centuries, architecture and design around the world have been heavily influenced by Italy. From ancient Rome to the later influences of Michelangelo, Palladio, and Bernini, to name a few, Italians have either invented or improved the designs of temples, cupolas, aqueducts, arches and many other structures. This is still true today, as contemporary Italian artists continue to make invaluable contributions to architecture and engineering. Current examples include Renzo Piano, who is now building the new Toronto Courthouse, and Antonio Citterio, recently commissioned by elite jewellery brand and luxury hotel chain, Bulgari, to design its latest hotels.This year, the ICFF introduces a new 2-day special event, called Architettura & Design. One of the objectives of the event is to engage and educate the Canadian public through the medium of film, on the history and future of Italy’s significant and unending global impact. Toronto’s urban landscape is truly a product of such contributions.

Toronto (like many other Canadian cities) was not only built by the hands of Italian immigrants but also designed by builders, architects and engineers inspired by Italian culture. ICFF Architettura & Design is also a celebration of the achievements of these Canadians, whether of Italian descent or not. ICFF, as always, strives to uncover new opportunities for these two great countries to collaborate.

Beyond the collaboration of the ICFF and MDFF, the project will also involve the Italian Embassy in Ottawa, Italian Consulate General, Italian Cultural Institute, renowned Canadian institutions, including George Brown College, and partners such as Azure Magazine. The ICFF Architettura & Design committee is chaired by architect Stefano Pujatti and made up of the following members:

Stefano Pujatti (Founder, ElasticoSPA)Paul Golini (Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, Empire Communities)Dragana Maznic (Director of Design, Great Gulf)Pietro Pelliccioni (Partner - Chief Operations Officer, Italinteriors)Luigi Ferrara (Dean, Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology, George Brown College)Madeline Zito (Vice President Public Relations, Great Gulf)Anna Simone (Founding partner, Cecconi Simone Inc.)Alessandro Ruggera (Director, Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto)Alessia Soppelsa (Founding partner, Soppelsa Architect Inc.)Matteo Picariello (Trade Commissioner, ICE Canada)Sam Crignano (President, Citizen Development Group)

Screenings of documentaries, feature films and shorts, panel discussions, Q&A with the participation of acclaimed directors, architect and designers. Jun 18 & 19. $17, stu $11, premium screenings $27.60-$38.90.

See website for schedule.

Here are the ticket links:

June 18,2019

ICFF Architettura & Design + VIP Reception

CLICK HERE for Ticket ICFF Architettura & Design

June 19,2019

ICFF Architettura & Design + VIP Reception

CLICK HERE for Ticket ICFF Architettura & Design + VIP Reception


Data: Da Mar 18 Giu 2019 a Mer 19 Giu 2019

Orario: Alle 18:00

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