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Dionysus On the Rox | DLT DopoLavoro Teatrale



Dionysus On the Rox | DLT DopoLavoro Teatrale

DLT and the Istituto Italiano di Cultura

Dionysus On the Rox


Magdalena Barile

World Premiere

November 27th, 28th, 29th
December 4th, 5th, 6th
With the possibility of an extended run


Written by acclaimed Italian playwright Magdalena Barile, this one-to-one interactive piece invites the audience to take a seat at the digital cocktail bar.

A bartender confessor meets you, the customer, in this strange gateway of solitude, desire and thrill. Sipping a drink of your choosing,  you both become officers of a ritual, mixing subtle and dangerous liquids with stories. Dionysus On the Rox rewrites the drinking experience in an esoteric way during these days of lockdown and social isolation.

The concept of the piece is conceived by Daniele Bartolini, Michele Andrei and Alessandro Ruggera.

The piece is commissioned by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto and DLT.

The English translation of the piece is curated by Bartolini.


“There is an immortal story that all bartenders know. A rich and sad man is sitting alone at the bar of a very busy place. It is that hour in the night, in which drink after drink, the clients melt their sadness and resistances in a mood that resembles happiness. The man offers a drink to a costumer that catches his attention, he has a special proposal, a proposal that perhaps the day after, after the fumes of alcohol will be dispersed, everyone could regret. But for now we’re here, so, do you want something to drink?”

“I am very excited in writing and conceiving my first digital performance ever for DLT and Istituto Italiano di Cultura. This time we are living allow new interesting perspectives in the performance art domain. Theatre has been changing its feathers again and again similar to that ancient god crowned with vine leaves, whose followers, the Bacchae, tore him apart and he keeps rising stronger and charmer.” says acclaimed Italian playwright Magdalena Barile, writing her first ever digital text.

“Presenting an original work written during these months of pandemic of an author such as Magdalena Barile represents a further step in the exploration of the exciting medium of digital performance”

Dionysus On The Rox includes an exciting list of secret “Bartenders Performers” that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Platform: Zoom
One-to-one experience.
Duration of experience: 25 minutes
Tickets: PWYC with suggested donation of $10
Very limited audience capacity
For reservations and enquires write to 



Magdalena Barile lives in Milan where she works as a theatre and TV playwright. She writes plays for various companies including Animanera (Milano), Accademia degli Artefatti (Rome), Attodue/Murmuris (Florence), Charioteer Theatre (Scotland). Her works include:  One Day (2010), Lait (2011), Piccoli Pezzi, poco complessi (2011), Senza Famiglia (2012), Piombo (2013), Un altro Amleto (2013), La Moda e la Morte (2014) Il Migliore dei mondi possibili, inspired by Voltaire's Candide (2015), Raffiche (2016), Il divorzio, a theatrical adaptation of Divorzio all'italiana by Pietro Germi (2016), Rosa Conchiglia, Anaïs Nin e i giorni del porno (2017), Cosa Beveva Janis Joplin (2018), Api Regine, commedia fantascientifica sull'eliminazione del maschio (2018). Some of her texts have been translated into English, French, German, Swedish and Russian. With the play Lait (Light Killer) she made her debut at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  It was then staged at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano. She collaborates as author and scriptwriter with RSI (Swissh Italian TV) and wrote the scripts of many Italian programs such as Albero Azzurro, Camera Cafè, Bye Bye Cinderella. She teaches Dramaturgy at Civica Scuola of the Paolo Grassi Theatre in Milan and at the Belleville School; she also teaches playwriting at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).


Date: Da Friday, November 27, 2020 a Sunday, December 06, 2020

Organized by : DopoLavoro Teatrale (DLT) | Istituto Italiano di Cultura Toronto

Entrance : With fee